Share Price
as at 19/03/2018
Latest NAV
as at 14/03/2018
Ex-div NAV (after deducting 2.89cps dividend payable)

Portfolio Performance

Performance to 28 February 2018

  1 Month 3 Months 1 Year 3 Years
5 Years

Adjusted NAV Return

(1.2%) +1.8% +14.7% +11.6% +12.9%

Total Shareholder Return

+0.0% +3.0% +10.9% +8.7% +12.4%

Gross Performance Return

(1.2%) +2.5% +17.9% +14.5% +15.9%

S&P/NZX50G Index

(0.8%) +2.3% +16.8% +12.5% +14.2%

Non-GAAP Financial Information

Kingfish uses non-GAAP measures, including adjusted net asset value, gross performance return and total shareholder return. The rationale for using such non-GAAP measures is as follows:

  • adjusted net asset value – the underlying value of the investment portfolio adjusted for capital allocation decisions,
  • gross performance return – the Manager’s portfolio performance in terms of stock selection, and
  • total shareholder return – the return to an investor who reinvests their dividends, and if in the money, exercises their warrants at warrant maturity date for additional shares.

 All references to adjusted net asset value, gross performance return and total shareholder return on this website are to such non-GAAP measures. The calculations applied to non-GAAP measures are described in the Kingfish Non-GAAP Financial Information Policy. A copy of the policy is available at